Special packing

After checking Asilhonar store products’ quality by some experts, they are packed as follow:

       In the case of high possibility of damages, products are wrapped by foam (8mm) and put in the box.


In other cases, they are packed by  bubble wrap and  stitched.   


Some samples of Asilhonar packages

If you want to have a fancy packing with ribbons and straw in a fancy box, you should call the sales clerk (00989106750159) during your purchase.

Some of fancy packages are shown:

 Colorful paper or straw are designed according to your taste and color.

To select a fancy gift bag/ box go to “gift bag” section; to select Ghalamkari or Termeh traditional bags go to “Ghalamkari bag” section.

Pick up your desirable wrapping paper from “fantasy wrapping paper” section.


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