ID card and product’s originality

The main purpose of Asilhonar store is to provide original handicraft products with high quality. In this regard, all products are delivered with an ID card containing the detailed information about the product and its producer. The product’s certificate of origin and guarantee card are also delivered with the product.

Asilhonar products guarantee period

Minakari products: 1-3 years

Khatamkari products: 1 year

Turquoise inlaying products: 7-10 years

Copper Moarragh products: 2 years

Khalamkari products: 6 months

Khalamzani products: 2 years

Termeh products: 1 year

Sermeh products: 1 year

Wooden sculpture products: 1 year

Leather painting products: 5 year

Handmade stone products: 1 year

Guarantee terms and conditions

All terms and conditions protect Asilhonars’ producers and users right in accordance with consumer protection law. Furthermore, Asilhonar is committed to customers’ privacy and attempts to provide  safety and convenience for them.

Asihonar website’s terms and commitments:

  1.       Asilhonar takes the responsibility of all images, text content, products’ prices and any other content on the website and is responsible for any infractions of the current law of our country.
  2.       Asilhonar is bounded to send the products, whose costs are payed, intact with certificate of originality and similar to the images displayed on the website.
  3.       All the products of Asilhonar website consist of images, description and names in accordance with the current law of our country.
  4.       To respect the artists and producers, every product with an especial brand will be displayed on the website with its brand.
  5.       The quality of the products will be checked by an expert team before uploading them on the website and sending them to the customers.

    Users terms and conditions:

    1.       It is possible for the users to make a purchase from our website every day, 24 hours a day.
    2.       It is required for the users to fill in the order form completely with correct information when ordering a product.
    3.       The address and postcode of the receiver should be accurate.
    4.       Customers can input another person’s address and phone number for delivery.
    5.       Obviously, in the case of wrong or incomplete address, the orders cannot be tracked.

    If there is any difference between your purchased product (description/physical appearance) and the information of the product on Asilhonar website, you can refer to “product return process” section.


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