Product return process

The reputed Asilhonar online store, with the slogan of “originality, beauty, and durability” tries to deliver every order in desirable condition to the customers and put its priority on customers’ satisfaction and assurance. However, customers may be faced with some cases, after their purchase which are considered in after-sales services.

  •          If the purchased product is not similar to the information displayed on Asilhonar website in terms of its properties or physical appearance, customer can declare the conflict.
  •          Asilhonar online store will take the responsibility only in the time period specified in the guarantee card.
  •          Conflict must be declared within 24 hours after receiving the products, via phone call or e-mail.
  •          Using the service is only possible if the product is returned to Asilhonar online store in its original box. Writing anything on the box, labeling it, tearing it or damaging it will destroy the chance of using product return guarantee.

It is possible to be some insignificant differences between product’s image on Asilhonar website and the purchased product which cannot be the reason for declaring the conflict.


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