Dear user, we appreciate that you chose Asilhonar online store for purchasing handicrafts. Our management and staff are attempting to provide reliable and high quality services for you to give you a different and memorable experience of online shopping as well as to inspire a good feeling of shopping handicrafts and giving them to your beloved friends.

In this regard, a set of terms and conditions has been drawn up on the mutual obligations of Asilhonar online store and the users. Please study the following terms carefully to be able to use our services and functional plans optimally and eventually use our services with relief.

General terms and conditions

All conditions of Asilhonar activities are in accordance with the laws of Islamic republic of Iran, e-commerce law and consumer protection law; subsequently the users are also bound to consumer law. If there are any changes in Asilhonar’s terms and conditions, they will be informed and updated in this page and displayed to users.

Customer/user definition

Customer/user is the term which refers to a person who filled user’s information in the registration form on Asilhonar website to order a product or do any other activities. Before doing any activities, all terms and conditions of Asilhonar should be studied.

wholesale customer definition

All high quality handicraft products of Asilhonar will be sold with extremely affordable prices in wholesale. Wholesale customer refers to one who buys handicraft products in a large scale from Asilhonar online store, so the products’ prices for those customers are different from the consumers’.


if you add a product to your shopping cart, order it online, or e-mail it, it will be an electronic process and will be replied unless you do not follow our conditions.

All correspondence and Asilhonar replies will be sent via the recorded e-mail address and phone number in user’s profile.

currently, the SMS service is not active for Asilhonar. However, in the case of activation of this service it will be announced on this page. Therefore, sending any SMS under the name of Asilhonar is illegal and abusing our brand. In the case of receiving such an SMS, please inform us via  to pursue the infraction.

Privacy policy

Asilhonar online store is committed to protecting users’ personal information according to ethical standard, to ensure and satisfy customers from handicraft products online shopping.

All the context available to the users including products information, Asilhonar logo, downloadable images and videos as well as all Asilhonar content are a part of Asilhonar online store’s rights, so using them without a written permission is subject to prosecution.

If you want to communicate us, you can use the information listed in “contact us” section.

ordering and delivery

It is possible for customers to place an order 24 hours a day. However, Asilhonar online store processes the orders only on workdays from Saturday to Thursday and from 8am to 2 pm, except the holidays. Every order has been allocated a number which is sent to customers via e-mail.  Users should attend that the email may be sent to spam, so they should check their inbox as well as spam, if there is not any, they can call us.

Asilhonar online store does its best to send the orders fast and safe. However, if the store runs out of a product, customers can cancel their order and refundtheir payment; they also can replace their order or wait until the product be available again.

If there is any problem in final shop cart processing, the payment will be returned to the customers’ account within 24-48 hours. Asilhonar is allowed to stop new orders without prior notice or put an end to the sale of all products or some of them in the case of any problems like running out of the products. All the orders placed before the stop, will be checked and sent.

Asilhonar online store is allowed to cancel customers’ orders and refund their payment in the case of any errors in the prices allocated to the products or lack of updated prices.

Users should fill in order registration form with correct information, otherwise there is not any possibility to process their orders and deliver them. Therefore, it is very important for customers to provide the correct address, mobile phone number and phone number. On the other hand, customers can introduce another person as the receiver by providing their name, address and phone number.

Currently, it is not possible for Asilhonar website to give you an official invoice for organizational purchases, please call us before organizational purchase to be informed about it.

The address, provided by user as the receiver, will be included in the invoice, therefore, it is not possible to change the address after checking and confirming the orders.

Payment could be online before sending the product, or at the place where receiving  the orders.

It is necessary to provide the detailed and verifiable address to receive the orders. Therefore, delivering orders in public places without an exact address is not possible.

Transport damages

Asilhonar online store does its best to deliver all orders without any damages to ensure and satisfy its customers. Since products are delivered to a reputed transport company according to customers’ selection as well as safe and standard packing of products, any problem during transport and delivery is up to the transport company; Therefore, Asilhonar will compensate damages only when the transport company confirms the damage, to facilitate the follow-up process.

Criticisms, comments, communications etc.

Currently there are no links between Asilhonar website and other websites, if there are any, they are not under the control of Asilhonar, therefore, Asilhonar website is not responsible for their content.

Users who decide to post comments, question, and replies should consider the following rules, otherwise, their comments will not be approved and displayed on the website;

  1.       Asilhonar does not take any responsibility for the correctness/incorrectness of the posted comments, so users had better not rely on the comments for making a purchase decision.
  2.       Users’ criticisms include strengths/weaknesses of products.
  3.       Users’ comments should contain at least 300 characters.
  4.       Please avoid exaggeration in criticizing a product, otherwise your comment is not approved.
  5.       Users can criticize everything in its relevant section, therefore they should not criticize website or services in comment section.
  6.       Since it is possible to display the comments written in Persian letter and words, please do not write in Latin.
  7.       Please consider dignity in writing your comments, giving any insults to people will result in a disapproval of your comments.
  8.       All users have the right to post comments according to the conditions of the website, even if a comment is far from reality or incorrect, it should not be addressed by the others. Every user can only express his/her opinion and put the judgment on the readers.
  9.       Please avoid exaggeration in commenting about products’ advantages/disadvantages; otherwise, it will not be approved.
  10.   Users are not permitted to put other websites’ link in their comments.
  11.   Only the comments relevant to the products will be approved, so avoid irrelevant comments.
  12.   Users are required to avoid posting comments which they are not sure about their accuracy to prevent rumors and unreliable information.
  13.   Posting personal information such as phone number, address or e-mail address is prohibited in comment section.
  14.   Users should use literal language in writing their comments instead of using short forms or colloquial literature.
  15.   Asilhonar is permitted to edit users’ comments in terms of its literature.

Asilhonar does its best to provide best services as well as to use handicraft artists’ references and information to produce original content. However, it is not guaranteed by Asilhonar online store that all products’ description or other content of the website are without any mistakes. Therefore, if there are any differences between the ordered product and its description on the website, users can return the product before using it under some condition. You can study “product return process” section on Asilhonar website.

Pricing policy

Asilhonar online store is based on consumer right respect as well as customer-orientation; hence, the pricing is based on retail prices which are determined by the producer. On the other hand, collaborative and wholesale pricing is only observable for the colleagues who registered in “colleague registration” and approved by Asilhonar.

With regard to all respect to the users and their purchase from our handicraft products, it should be mentioned that in the case of any fluctuation in the market or wrong pricing, the customer will be notified by Asilhonar and the order will be cancelled.  Moreover, if there is any drop in prices, the orders will be updated with new prices.


Asilhonar online store does not have any dealership or after sales services in any cities. All services, financial transactions and order processing are carried out through Asilhonar central office. If there is any infraction, please inform us via ; the infraction will be subject to prosecution.



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